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Operational Excellence at Ingenious Locks & Hardware

History of Excellence

We thought we’d take a moment to talk about our operational excellence and what keeps Ingenious Locks & Hardware on top of the game. Like any successful operation, we know that it’s not just one key element that creates a strong brand, but it’s several elements combined that create the best overall package that produces our operational excellence.

We start with our design team. The core of every product we produce starts with an idea and a principle that some of the best minds in the industry create. This is where our R&D team comes into play. We use the latest industry software to design and plan all of our hardware to match our customers’ specifications before anything goes into production. We do this so that our products are versatile and suit a number of applications and systems.

They don’t just stick to the script when designing either! ILH likes to push the boundaries and think outside of the box when innovating our range of multi-point locking mechanisms. You could say that they’re ingeniously designed.

We pride ourselves on a world-class manufacturing process that is the backbone of our products. We know that a multi-point lock is only as good as the quality of the materials that create it which is why we use manufacturing partners across all of the world to provide the highest quality hardware which is a non-negotiable for us.

The Ingenious Development Program was developed with a view to continuously push ILH to strive for excellence is every aspect of business. The Products aspect of this consists of investment in tooling and creating products with the latest technology available. We use this philosophy to support the program.

Ingenious HQ recently installed its in-house testing centre with facilities to provide all manner of tests to put our products through their paces to ensure 100% satisfaction before launching on the market. Our in depth, no corners cut testing includes a manual cutting test, mechanical loading test, security hardware and cylinder test and finally a handle & cylinder test. It’s not until our products have undergone and passed this rigorous testing process that we’re satisfied to release ILH products to the market.

ILH also offers an Indicative Test & Trial to all of its partners to help develop their systems and prepare for official test. We know that this help and support is crucial for our partners to achieve all certification and accreditation required across the market.

Our operational excellence doesn’t end once the sale is made. We’re firm believers that any business is only as good as their after sales care. This is why ILH offers premium support on all products, whether it’s our partners or end users who need assistance. We have on site technicians ready to offer support and trouble shooting at a moment’s notice.

Our products are also backed up with a ‘no quibble’ 10 year fit and forget guarantee to give our customers peace of mind. We’re confident in every piece of hardware that we produce so we’re happy to put our money where our mouth is.

The final piece of the puzzle lies with our stockholding and delivery networks. We know that being excellent in every area of development and production would be nothing if we didn’t get the product to our partners quickly and at a moments notice. Our UK based warehouse holds all of the required stock so that our partners don’t experience long lead times waiting for shipment. We have also recently upgraded our WMS system so that our warehouses runs efficiently and meet all of our managements KPI’s.

Our reliable and trusted delivery network so that logistics is never an issue. We have many years’ experience using a number of logistics partners to ensure that we don’t fall at the last hurdle.

Ingenious Locks and Hardware prides itself on it’s operational excellence and every year we find new ways to push our boundaries. 2024 is no different and as the year progresses, we look forward to delighting the customer even more!

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