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A Tradition of Innovation

The Ingenious R&D team, driven by a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, is made up of industry experts and specialists in the hardware sector.

Working closely with our customers, the team carefully designs products to suit not only the latest standards but also a variety of different applications and systems.

With one eye on “commercial reality”, the R&D team utilises the latest materials and manufacturing techniques, working closely,  not only with our customers but our manufacturing partners around the world.

A Tradition of Innovation Design Team
Manufacturing Metal Parts

Technlogy & Manufacturing

The Ingenious approach is all about partnership. Whilst working with the market and customers on innovative designs and ideas, it then works with its manufacturing partners all over the world.

An unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and quality are fundamental values that Ingenious looks for in its supply chain partners.

The investment in tooling and the latest technology, with the right supply chain partners, supports the Ingenious development program.

In a short space of time, the team has created market leading high security MPL’s for all applications, always looking forward to advancements in process technologies.

And always using utilising best-in-class equipment to achieve the most exacting standards in the industry.

The Ingenious sourcing and quality teamwork with the supply chain partners at every step in the process to deliver the highest product quality possible.

The Ingenious product range covers all major products for the window and door sector. View Our Products here.

Lock and Handle
History of Excellence

A History of Excellence

A reputation for quality does not just happen overnight, it is only achieved through years of demanding the highest standards and traditions of product and manufacturing quality.

Products are covered by “no quibble” guarantees, and there is a consistent and ongoing perpetual testing program.

The Ingenious Experience

All products are manufactured to very exacting standards, and Ingenious is committed to satisfying the requirements of the market in terms of performance and quality.

As such, all products are backed by warranties, and the aftercare team is always on hand to assist with troubleshooting and onsite issues.

Click here for our terms and conditions, details on our guarantees, and our recommendations on the maintenance and care of your hardware products.

Satisfied Customer

Ingenious Testing

New products are only introduced when they satisfy real performance needs. The product testing and validation process guarantees a product worthy of the Ingenious brand.

Our state-of-the-art testing area is housed on the premises which allows us to develop and innovate it’s products to the highest standard.

We put all of our products through a rigorous testing process which allows us to have 100% confidence in every lock and piece of hardware we produce.

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