1141-LH – Composite Door Centre Latch and Hook Keep LH

1141-RH – Composite Door Centre Latch & Hook Keep RH

1141-UH – Composite Door Centre Latch & Hook Keep Unhanded

1142 – Composite Door Professional Hook Keep (For 1007 MPL)

1143 – Composite Door Duplex Hook Keep (For 1009 MPL)

All Ingenious MPL Composite Door keeps are designed to fit perfectly with the complementary lock from the Ingenious range. This allows the door to provide significant compression and sealing functionality with additional security locking points to achieve maximum resistance to forced entry.

The keeps within our range are covered by our fit and forget 10 year guarantee and have been tested to verify both the security and durability of the product to ensure the highest quality is maintained.

Supplying peace of mind and security to your home is our ultimate objective.

Handed & Un-Handed With; +/-  2.5mm Lateral Adjustment
To suit Multipoint Locks; 1007, 1009 & 1010
Tidy Boxes; Integrally Cast

Click the below line drawing to download the PDF
Click the below image to download the PDF